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The term INHOPE stands for the international association of Internet Hotlines. The first Hotline was founded in 1999 and it is headquartered in Irish Dublin. The aim of INHOPE Hotlines is to fight against criminality on the Internet. It is thus focused mainly on child pornography but it also tries to protect children from other illegal activities but also from easily accessible and legal pornography. The mission of INHOPE is to support new Internet Hotlines around the world and their cooperation to make the Internet a safer place. National Hotlines offer an easy way how to report illegal contents found on the Internet. In last 27 months, the network of Hotlines has received 900.000 reports on illegal Internet contents from the public. Nowadays, INHOPE associates 33 national Hotlines in 29 countries around the world. The basic document of INHOPE is the Code of Practice. As early as 2007, the Naše dítě foundation helped to run the national Hotline in the Czech republic.

What should be reported on www.internethotline.cz? Basically everything that is illegal. You will learn more about illegal activities on the Internet in the Internet and legislation part.